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@Iwate Pref./North Tohoku Area /Japan
Located near Koiwai Farm which is the largest private ownership farm in Japan


A guest house in Japan

šFacilities šMeals šHot Springs
šB&B only accommodation
šNearby Attractions š
‚rightseeing Excursions from "Arcadia"
How to find us


šMost importantly,we have our own hot spring bath in our backyard.
Stiated 10,000‡uof beatiful countryside near by famous Koiwai Farm.

ARCADIA comprises two special buildings.

The first is a white Pension-style guest house. Secondly, we have a small German-style hotel.
Finally, there is an octagonal, natural hot spring water spa bath house.

Amazingly discovered while we were digging a well. our mildly alkaline hot spring waters soothe away,
the aches and pains of a tiring day. and leave a lady's skin feeling soft and smooth.

Our area of Iwate, which is called "Gokurakuno" means "the field of paradise"

So we have named our hot spring "Gokuraku-no-yu" . So we think you will agree that our choice of
"ARCADIA"as the name of our pension@perfectly reflects the rural paradise that awaits our visitors.
Whatever the season ,you will enjoy the delights of the Japanese countryside.

Type C(‚UD‚T00/per person)
includes: Ensuite facilities, Toiletries, TV, Telephone, Writing -desk, Towels
Refrigerator, Cable Radio System, Video, Chest of draws, Closet,

In-room coffee & tea facirities.

All prices include breakfast
And tax included.

Charges for children are 1,050 off.
About infants ask us please.

Breakfast is 1,050 and Dinner is
About 2 meals lets us know when you reserve.


@@3-20 Gokurakuno. Nagayama. Shizukuishi-T. Iwate-Gun. Iwate Pref. Japan
TEL:019-693-4141 @FAX:019-691-5015



š Our specially designed building@@@š Our ‚ferman-style hotel @@@@@
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@with a good facilities

@ @

šOur guest room @

šOur comfortable lounge with 45" wide screen TV
&šOur dining room

šLawn for games and recreation

You can play the volleyball in our backyard in spring.

We have 16 guest rooms in total.
All rooms are western style.
@@‚Vrooms have a bathroom ensuite.
@ The rooms have
1,2,3,4 or 5beds.
@@There are also separate bathrooms.
@@One each for ladies and gentlemen.



@Dinner time@ 18:30@
Breakfast @8:00

‘ Our meals are western style.
If you need dinner, please tell us when you called for the reservation.
Depending on the number of guests, our breakfast is sometimes served buffet style

Visitors can enjoy our bath facilities every day.
Soaking in our hot tub with its marvellous view of

Mt.Iwate is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day sightseeing.

The bath waters are particularly soothing for muscle pains, stiff joints.
and is especially beneficial to the digestion and circulation.

<B&B only accommodation>

‘‘We offer bed-and-breakfast-only style accommodation.
Our B&B hotel is excellently situated for those of you wanting to enjoy
the many sightseeing opportunities of the area.

‘‘You will find numerous restaurants on Route 46,
after the Morioka Interchange.
offering Japanese Tonkatsu, Yakiniku, Noodles, Soba, and Steak.

‘‘Our excellent-value prices begin at6,000(without dinner) per night.
We also offer a helthy breakfast including freshly-baked breads.
delicious "Wiener"-style sausages,fresh fruit,Koiwai Farm milk,and coffee.

<Nearby Atractions>

‘‘B&B ARCADIA is located in the beautiful countryside surrounding
three ski areas. Affording wonderful views of beautiful Mt. Iwate.
ARCADIA is a haven of peace and quiet.
There are several tourist sites near ARCADIA.

‡@Koiwai Farm (4mins. by car)
Japan's old and largest private farm.

‡AMorioka Handicrafts Village(15mins. by car)
@@@@You can learn how to make many kinds of local handicraft


<Sightseeing Excursions from Arcadia>

‘‘ARCADIA is a perfect base for exploring the many sightseeing areas of Tohoku.
The following are recommended as ideal day trips in spring.

Lake Tazawa and Kakunodate

Less than an hour's journey away following Route 46 in the direction of Akita,
Japan's deepest lake, Tazawa-ko, is famed for its emerald green waters.
Near the lake one can also visit the pretty "Swiss-Style" village, and the
"Heart herbal gardens" and its related activity center.
It takes 20 mins. to Kakunodate town by car from Lake Tazawa.

Kakunodate contains a number of perfectly preserved traditional Samurai houses
which provide a fascinating glimpse into a bygone age.
Also of interest is the Densho-kan center dedicated to the many interesting local cuisine, and
famous for its special seasonal dishes, including those of spring.

Hachimantai National Park

‘‘Following the scenic Hachimantai Aspite Line and Jukai Line Roads, you enter
Hachimantai National Park, where you will experience the wild, natural beauty so
typical of the northern Tohoku area.Breathtakingly, the park is also renowned for its numerous
hot springs(Tamagawa Hot Spring, Goshogake Hot Spring, Fuke-no-yu Hot Spring,
Toshiti Hot Spring, Matsukawa Hot Spring etc.) which are famous throughout Japan,
especially Tamagawa Hot Spring, known for the curative powers of its natural mineral
hot spring waters.
iIn winter, we only can go Hachimantai for skiing.

Lake Towada

‘‘Taking the Tohoku Expressway north and exiting at the Kosaka Interchange onto
the Jukai Line Road, a 2-hour journey by car, one reaches beautiful Lake Towada.
Here you can enjoy a boat trip on the lake which lies in the caldera of an extinct volcano,
and also take a walk along the Oirase Gorge which descends from the lake in a series of
rapids and waterfalls. At the Lake Towada resort bicycles are available for hire, Also, one
can enjoy a fine dinner of the local trout, with which the Lake is stocked.
iIn winter, we can't go Lake Towada)j

Sanriku Coast
‘‘Another area of outstanding natural beauty is the Sanriku Coast,
pierced by numerous rias, where sheer cliffs plunge into the wild Pacific Ocean.
This coast line is best appreciated at Kitayamazaki which affords a magnificent view
from the top of its towering and majestic cliffs. Reached by Route 106 from Morioka
and then changing onto Route 45 north, on the return journey you can visit the coastal
town of Miyako, celebrated for its fish market and delicious seafood restaurants.

Chusonji Temple (in Hiraizumi)

‘‘To reach the Chusonji Temple complex at Hiraizumi, take the Tohoku Expressway south
and exit at the Hiraizumi-Maesawa Interchange, from which it is 2 kms to Hiraizumi.
Chousonji is home to a number of Buddist temples built by the Fujiwara clan in the
12th century. It is the most fascinating of all historical sites in Tohoku, and houses one
of Japan's most famous cultural treasures, the "Konjiki-do" Golden Hall. One can also
see a perfectly preserved traditional Noh theatre, where Noh plays are still presented.
It is a must-see for anyone interested in old Japan.

‘‘Another interesting place to visit is the Esashi Fujiwara Heritage Park, a reconstruction
of Heian era Palaces and buildings where many historical dramas are filmed.
Also, a visit to the Geibikei Gorge and Glass center is recommended.
Visitors are advised to try "Maesawa beef"-a famous culinary delight of
Japanese cuisine.

<How to find us>

@@@‘‘By car/@Leave Tohoku Expressway at the Morioka interchange Exit.
Take Route 46 towards Akita. Turn right at the Tsunagi-Jumonji crossroads,
follwing the signpost for Koiwai Farm. Go past Koiwai Farm "Makiba-en" entrance,
@ 300m further on, turn left at the "Pension Avenue" sign.@
Go past Koiwai Farm Factory. Arcadia is situated 2kms from the
"Pension Avenue" turning. It is 16kms from the Expressway.

@@@‘‘By train and taxi/ <Route 1>EEE From Morioka Station take the Tazawako
railway line to Koiwai Station. And take a taxi, 10minutes from the station.
(for the taxi: Tel 019-692-3131)

@@‘‘By train and bus/ <Route 2>EEE From Morioka Station take the bus for
"Amihari Hot Spring" from Bus Stop 10. Get off at Koiwai Makiba-en.
Contact ARCADIA Staff prior to your arrival. (Tel 019-693-4141)

‘‘By train and taxi/ <Route 3>EEE Take the Akita Shinkansen.
Get off at Shizukuishi Station. And take ‚ taxi , 15minutes from the stasion.

That's all.

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